Perrydell Farm and Dairy Store - plan a visit todayNot only do we sell our own farm fresh products in our store, we also offer a large selection of goods from our near-by neighbors. Items such as local honey, baked goods, and produce can be found all under our roof.

Perrydell Farm is a proud member of the Buy Fresh Buy Local® program.

Wherever you find a Buy Fresh Buy Local® sign or label – in a store, market or restaurant – you've found a business with a commitment to feature local foods and support local producers.


"Bubble Gum ROCKS!''

Schools Out!! And Bubble Gum ROCKS! Come celebrate with our June Ice Cream Flavor of the Month. Bubble Gum Flavored Ice filled with chunks of White Choc Bark and Bubble Gum Pop Rocks. What a great way to start summer vacation!!

Stop by for a hand-dipped cone or milkshake today!

Here at Perrydell Farm we believe in tradition, that is why we make our hand-made ice cream with milk and cream from the very cows that you see and meet here at the farm. It truly is from cows to cones! This ensures the quality and freshness you have come to expect from us.

Our milk can go directly from our cows to our on-farm bottling plant and straight to the shelves of our retail farm store all on the same day. It meets all the required state standards for butterfat.

Our whole milk has approx. 3.5% fat, our 2% milk has, of course, 2% fat, and our skim milk is less that 0.5% fat. Looking for 1% milk? Try OUR Skim Milk. It's incredibly refreshing and it actually tastes like milk, not water.

As for our Chocolate Milk, it speaks for itself! So rich and creamy, it tastes like a milkshake. Ask any one who has tried it and they will tell you that it's LEGENDARY!! But don't take our word for it--try some today!

Our farm fresh milk is always available in our store.  Additionally, visit Where to Buy Perrydell Milk for a list of other resellers of Perrydell Milk.

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