The breed of cow that you will see here at Perrydell is mostly all Holstein. Except for a Jersey calf that was bought for a 4-h project and has since grown up and produced a few cross breeds.

The majority of the food that we feed our cows is grown here on our 170 acres.

We have an enclosed herd, which means we raise all our own replacement cows.

There are approx. 250 cows on our farm and we milk approx. 130 of them. They are milked twice a day and we DO NOT inject them with the rBST hormone that would force them to produce more milk.

We bottle the milk we get from these cows right here in our on-site bottling plant and sell it in our farm store. The only way to get it any fresher is to buy your own cow!






Holsteins are black and white cows.

  • The Holstein produces the most milk of all breeds.
  • The production record is held by the cow Raim Mark Jinx - over 100,000 glasses of milk!
  • The origins of the Holstein are uncertain, but records mention black-and-white cattle in the northern Netherlands before the 1600s.
  • The Dutch first brought Holsteins into New York; at that time the cows were simply called Dutch cattle.
  • A newspaper editor named them holstein-Friesian, which was later shortened to Holstein.
  • The US breed society formed in 1871.
  • Holsteins are typically white cows with big, black spots that usually cover 50% of the cow's body.
  • But, the spot coverage can range from none at all (an all white cow) to complete (an all black cow).
  • Occasionally, a red-spotted Holstein will be born. Red is the recessive color.
  • Holsteins have a broad face with a wide muzzle, and a tall, stately stance.
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